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There’s no doubt: Managing your organization’s deals, contracts, and the associated data is hard work! But what if you could accomplish the same work in fewer clicks, a fraction of the time, and from a single screen? There is a quick, easy way to manage Salesforce data and get instant insights for you and your users! Reclaim your time and boost efficiency with Conga Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Grid! Take a look! Marcus is a sales operations leader responsible for making sure his reps have everything they need to be successful and hit their goals. To keep his finger on the pulse, he regularly reviews the contracts hub. This view uses the power of Conga Grid to aggregate fields from across multiple objects and lists within Salesforce. That means there’s no need to flip from page to page or open multiple tabs. All the data you care about is displayed in a single location. The contracts hub is also a great place to take action! Marcus can quickly make changes to multiple records, customize the view using sorting, grouping, and conditional formatting, and use bulk actions to motivate his team and keep their deals on track. Need to view all contracts in negotiation? Done! Contracts awaiting signature? Piece of cake! Does your legal team need to review managed clauses? Easy! View redlines? No problem! Plus, with Conga Grid, you can add grid views virtually anywhere within Contracts for Salesforce. Add a grid to your Contract Agreement layout to help reps find the details they need quickly. Build a contract hub for your legal team so they can keep an eye on the things that are important to them, without being inundated with non-pertinent information. Grid makes it easy to uncover insights and boost productivity across departments. Streamline your contract management program with Conga Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Grid!

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